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Denmark’s development cooperation aims to contribute to realising the global ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals for the world's development towards 2030. A world in balance without extreme poverty, with sustainable growth and development - financially, socially and environmentally - where no one is left behind.

Denmark will maintain its long-standing, politically broad tradition of fulfilling the UN goal that the world's rich countries should contribute minimum 0.7 percent of the gross national income to development assistance. As one of very few countries in the world, Denmark has done so since 1978, and we will continue to do so.


Priority areas and instruments

In January 2017, a broad political majority in the Danish Parliament adopted the new strategy "The World 2030". For the first time, Danish development cooperation and humanitarian action is combined in one strategy. The strategy has four strategic objectives:

  • Security and development - Peace, stability and protection
  • Migration and development
  • Inclusive, sustainable growth and development
  • Freedom and development - democracy, human rights and gender equality

Denmark will engage in countries and regions that can be divided into three categories or spheres of interest: (1) Poor, fragile countries and regions characterised by fragility, (2) poor, stable countries, (3) transition and growth economies. 

The core of Denmark's development cooperation is mutually binding partnerships with the countries with which we work as well as their authorities and organisations. At the same time, we will proactively respond to international opportunities and establish new types of partnerships as contemplated by the new global agreements.