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Evacuation and emergency

If you are a Dane travelling in Myanmar and need help urgently, you may contact the Danish Embassy in Yangon.

The Embassy can provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency or provide you with the relevant contact information on someone who can assist you.

If you need help after normal business hours, at night, or during weekends and holidays, you may either contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 24/7 Emergency Center directly at +45 33 92 11 12 /, or you may be transferred to the Emergency Center by calling the Embassy´s telephone number +95 (0) 1 538 700.

Please, also see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' central website for
emergency matters (in Danish only).

Be advised that your local authorities may have additional emergency precautions, so please check with them as well.

Please note that as a general rule a fee is applicable to most services, with the exceptions of imprisonment, child abduction cases and in the instance of a serious crime committed against a Danish national.