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Consular assistance

Welcome to the consular section of the Danish Embassy in Myanmar. On these pages you will find information about the kind of assistance the Embassy can offer you.

Consular Assistance

If you are a Dane or have permanent residence permit in Denmark, a Danish Embassy can assist you with:

  • Issue of a new Danish emergency passport
  • Contact to an attorney if you are arrested
  • Contact to relatives in Denmark
  • Contact to insurance companies in relation to accidents, illness or death
  • Information on risk areas on your way
  • Transferring money to purchase a return ticket (requires bank guarantee)

A Danish Embassy cannot assist with:

  • Performing banking transactions
  • Paying out funds from Danish authorities such as pensions, unemployment benefits etc.
  • Getting people released from prison or pay for a lawyer
  • Paying hospital or doctor's bills without collateral from yourself, your bank or your family
  • Obtaining work permits or finding jobs