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Global Public Affairs (GPA)

The Trade Council specialises in dealing with political and commercial factors through its Global Public Affairs services.

Success in the Myanmar market is about more than just having good products, prices, partners and customers. Knowledge about Myanmar and international legislation as well as good relations with authorities can prove crucial.

Through its GPA services, The Trade Council can help your company identify, prioritize and liaise with key stakeholders, thus providing your company with a good overview and access to decision makers in Myanmar. This also applies when your company needs information about changes in framework conditions such as legislation, customs tariffs and other market conditions in Myanmar. An overview of legislation and relevant political actors can also be vital when solving disputes.

Strategic Preparedness

Access to both competent consulting as well as relevant decision makers in export markets is one of the most important competitive parameters for a company and is an essential part of its strategic preparedness. In essence, it helps businesses stay ahead and be proactive.

Our Services

Whether you company is small or large company, the Trade Council can offer you advice through Global Public Affairs, which is categorized according to the following service areas:

  • Trade Policy
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Base of the Pyramid
  • Global Opportunities and Risks (CSR and anti-corruption) 
  • Political Risk Management

Main areas are:

Trade Policy

The purpose of this service is to offer your company knowledge about trade policy and framework conditions in Myanmar. We can offer an overview of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements that might affect your company's strategy and supply chain management. If your company experiences market barriers we can offer professional export technical advice.

Dispute Resolution

After a special assessment we can help your company to solve disputes through contact to public authorities and the political system. The purpose of this service is to help your company solve disputes - for instance the collection of larger claims with the help of diplomatic channels.


For many companies operating in regulated areas it can be difficult to keep updated about relevant legislation and political processes on the export markets. We offer a systematic surveillance of laws in pipeline and a mapping of implementation, processes and players, for instance in the environmental sector on a given market. The purpose is to strengthen your company's basis for taking strategic decisions regarding product development, export or establishing.

Stakeholder Management

The purpose of this service is to assist your company more systematically with the build-up or maintenance of networks and relations on the Myanmar market. For instance we can offer to host events at our embassy targeted public authorities or decision makers in Myanmar.

Challenges are not identical, neither are solutions. Therefore, the Trade Council tailors solutions to suit the needs of  individual company, often consisting of a combination of the different GPA services.