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Market Research

The Trade Council can assist your company when examining the market potential in Myanmar. Through the Trade Council's network and local knowledge you will obtain valuable information about the market in Myanmar.

Get to know your new market

The Trade Council can assist your company with preparing market analyses which can clarify sales opportunities for your enterprise’s products.

A market analysis can identify:

  • Customer base
  • Potential sales channels
  • Potential business partners
  • Competing products on the market
  • Legislative requirements regarding product design and packaging
  • Price structure

Market research is tailored to suit your company's needs and is conducted in a close dialogue with the Trade Council since every company has its own wishes and demands.

Market research is typically done with a mix of desk and field research. Utilizing the local knowledge about which channels to search in and the contact to people involved in the business give your company the best insights to a new market.

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are applied when assessing the market potentials and the perception of brands and products. Several companies operating in Myanmar are faced with problems arising from unreliable data compiled from public sources.

Moreover, Myanmar is in many ways still a developing market with a typical deficient data collection system. Therefore, quantitative data can rarely be fully trusted and will not provide in depth knowledge of the potential of a particular brand. It is also unlikely that any quantitative data can answer all the questions your company might seek answers to when entering a new market such as Myanmar.
The Trade Council in Yangon can assist your company with market research based on your needs. Depending on your needs we can conduct market research, compile and process data and conduct in-depth interviews with both experts and focus groups.