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Commercial Services

The Trade Council assists Danish companies wishing to explore business opportunities in new markets and maintain further growth. The Trade Council has an extensive local network for your company's benefit.

Whether your company is exploring new markets or growing in its current, the Trade Council can assist you. The Trade Council offers different services as shown above to give you the best possibilities to do your business.

The Trade Council in Yangon solves many different tasks for Danish companies interested in the Myanmar market. Tasks often include business establishment, market analyses, partner search, CSR reports on suppliers, providing access to key decision makers etc.

The services provided by the Trade Council in Yangon can be divided in two categories: Global growth and global public affairs. Global growth encompasses traditional export promotion, while global public affairs includes assistance with information about e.g. legislation or helping with access to local authorities. Please read more about the two main areas in the menu to the left.

The commercial services of the Trade Council are charged with a fee of 935 DKK per hour in 2017. Introductory meetings and simple referrals are free of charge. Your company may be eligible for different subsidies when employing the assistance of the Trade Council - for instance the Export Start Package which is elaborated on in the SME Section. Please contact us for more information.

If you would like to know more about what the Trade Council has to offer or are interested in the services provided you can get in touch with one of our employees here.