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Danida Business Delegations

Danida Business Delegations is a new initiative under the Trade Council’s joint export programme aiming at promoting Danish companies’ export, internationalisation and trade with developing countries while at the same time contributing to sustainable development, economic growth and job creation in these developing countries.

Danida Business Delegations is one of the new initiatives in the “Government Strategy on Export Promotion and Economic Diplomacy” launched in May 2014, which will help strengthen the coordination between development activities and commercial interests.

The purpose of Trade Council's program of "Danida Business Delegations" is to contribute to sustainable development, economic growth and job creation in developing countries through knowledge and technology transfer and/or investments, while at the same time contributing to the internationalization and competitiveness of Danish companies and thereby economic growth in Denmark.
Danida Business Delegations is available in developing countries with a GNI below USD 3,300 per capita in 2015.1

Danida Business Delegations provides financial support to Danish companies (applying jointly in groups of minimum five), who wants to either 1) make a joint export promotion or delegation visit to a developing country, or 2) invite a delegation of potential business partners from a developing country to Denmark. Projects to be considered for support must focus on contributing to sustainable growth and employment, and responsible business in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Financial support through Danida Business Delegations is given to the applying group of Danish company’s costs related to the joint expenses (hourly rates and outlays) in relation to planning the event, identification of local partners, marketing, seminars etc. The maximum support is up to 75 pct. of the joint expenses including travel and hotel expenses for one representative for each company.

There are three application rounds in 2016 with deadlines for applications on: 1) 18 January, 2) 2 May and 3) 15 September.

You can access more information about the export business promotions here (in Danish).