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Basic Education

Myanmar's social indicators are low and the country was ranked 148 out of 188 on UNDP's Human Development Index 2015. Government expenditure on social sectors has increased, but still remains low. The Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme supports quality basic education with USD 21.5 million during 2016-2020. 

More than one million children in Myanmar are now estimated to be out of school, over 500,000 at primary and over 250,000 at lower secondary levels. Children aged 6-10 years show good attendance at 85 per cent, but attendance drops to just 56 per cent when they reach secondary school at an age of 14, and drops again to 29 per cent at the end of upper secondary school when children are aged 17. Educational performance and continuity is lowest for poor rural communities and areas affected by conflict.


Education reform is a key priority of the Government, which has increased substantially its spending on education within the framework of a National Education Strategic Plan 2016-2021. However, the primary school system is still weak and the quality of basic education must be improved fundamentally through better training and accelerated hiring of teachers among other things. Denmark is a long-standing supporter of Myanmar’s education sector, including through the Quality Basic Education Programme which has gained significant results of importance for the ongoing transformation of the education system in Myanmar.


Education remains a key priority in the Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme (2016-2020) through which Denmark provides support of DKK 100 million (approximately USD 15 million) to the World Bank’s Myanmar Decentralising Funding to Schools Project to help improve and expand Myanmar’s school grants and student stipends programme. The project will contribute to among others enhancing in-service teacher development and enhanced school leadership.


Many Myanmar children are out of reach of the formal education system and rely  on education from ethnic and community schools and monastic schools. Through its support of DKK 40 million (approximately USD 6 million) to the Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC), Denmark is helping to ensure that the hardest to reach children have access to quality and accredited education, and contribute to a coherent, inclusive national education system.





Hanne Carus

Deputy Head of Mission


Kyi Kyi Linn
Policy and Development Advisor