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Ambassador John Nielsen’s welcome

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Denmark in Myanmar. Myanmar is a country undergoing a difficult and complex transition process towards democracy and peace. Since 2011, Myanmar has opened up to the outside world after more than 50 years of military dictatorship and has since undergone rapid developments on all fronts. However, in spite of free and peaceful elections in 2015, there is still a long way to go towards democracy, peace and sustainable economic growth. The crisis in the country's Rakhine State, armed conflict in the Eastern border areas and a complicated power sharing with the military does not make it easier. The opening of the first Danish Embassy in Myanmar in 2014 was a clear signal that Denmark wants to support Myanmar in the difficult democratization process.

Since then, the Embassy has worked to strengthen and expand cooperation between Denmark and Myanmar in a number of areas. Among other things, Denmark has extensive development cooperation with Myanmar based on a country programme from 2016 in areas such as human rights, peace building, education, sustainable growth, private sector development and labor market issues. We also support Myanmar in tackling humanitarian crises.

Our support to Danish companies that wish to explore opportunities in the local market takes place in close cooperation with the trade department at the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok. Together we stand ready to assist Danish companies with exploring business opportunities in Myanmar and in navigating in the local business environment.

One of the Embassy's most important tasks is to support Danes needing assistance, including those in need. We cannot help with applications for passports and visas where we have to refer to the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok and the German Embassy in Yangon respectively. However, we stand ready to assist Danes in other consular matters, including with applications for driving licenses, provisional passports and passports for children under the age of 12.

I hope the Embassy's website provides you with the information you are seeking. Otherwise my colleagues and I are always ready to assist with further information. More information about the Embassy's activities can be found on our Facebook page. Likewise, you can follow me on Twitter @DKAmbMyanmar.

John Nielsen


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