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Danmark-Myanmar landeprogram 2016-2020

Danmark og Myanmar underskrev den 1. december 2016 en regeringsaftale om et nyt omfattende landeprogram for perioden 2016-2020. Programmet skal fremme fred, retsstatsprincipper og menneskerettigheder; forbedre adgang til kvalitetsuddannelse i grundskolen; introducere bæredygtig fællesforvaltning af fiskeriressourcer og promovere vækst og job i små og mellemstore virksomheder.

''Signing of the agreement on the Country Programme © MOI Webportal Myanmar


 What is it all about?

The Country Programme comprises Denmark’s support to Myanmar’s development for the next five years of a total of approximately USD 70 million (470 million DKK). The Country Programme will among other things build capacity on human rights in Myanmar’s justice system, ensure more children can access quality basic education, introduce community co-management of fisheries resources and promote growth and jobs in small and medium sized enterprises.



Watch the video and get an overview of what the Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme 2016-2020 entails.

The objective of the Country Programme is to contribute to a peaceful and more democratic society with improved prosperity through sustainable and inclusive growth.  The overall objective will be pursued through the following three thematic programmes which covers seven development engagements for Denmark’s support. These include support to:                                 the Joint Peace Fund Myanmar (JPF); the promotion of rule of law and human rights; quality basic education in the formal and non-formal school system, including in rural ethnic and conflict areas; sustainable coastal fisheries; a challenge fund on responsible business and a Myanmar Enterprise Monitoring System (MEMS) which will help the Government of Myanmar make policy decision in regard to private sector development based on more reliable data.  


In the video below you can hear Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen explain about Denmark’s support to community co-management of fisheries resources.


The Country Programme builds on the Denmark-Myanmar Country Policy Paper 2016-2020 and is the result of close consultation and collaboration with the Government of Myanmar. Through its partnership with Myanmar, Denmark aims at supporting the Government and people of country in implementing their own priorities and plans. Denmark is the first bilateral partner to channel funds through the Myanmar Government’s financial system to two development engagements. This is a reflection of Denmark’s desire to help strengthen the Government’s systems by using them. At the same time, Denmark will work in close coordination with other relevant partners.

The partners to the Country Programme include public institutions, multilateral institutions, non-governmental institutions and the private sector. The Country Programme 2016-2020 has strong links with other Danish initiatives in Myanmar, including the ongoing Strategic Sector Cooperation on occupational safety and health and social dialogue with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population and the use of Danida Business Instruments.


Who are the partners to the Country Programme?

The Country Programme will be implemented by and/or in collaboration with the following partners:

The Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Department of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, the Central Statistical Organisation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry, the Union Attorney General’s Office, the Office of the Union Supreme Court, University of East Yangon, Dagon University, lawyers and CSO networks, the Joint Peace Fund for Myanmar (UNOPS), the World Bank and Myanmar Education Consortium (MEC).