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It is estimated that over one million children in Myanmar are still out of school, less than 70% of primary school age children complete a full course of primary education at the correct age, and out of every 100 children entering primary school, only about 20 go on to finish lower secondary school. Issues of low quality of education are also serious with respect to teacher’s training and curriculum.

Reform of the education sector is one of the key priorities set out by the Myanmar government. Recently the government has substantially increased spending on education the sector is still massively under-funded, and there is a strong need for better educational policies. 

Education is a prerequisite for progress, democracy and development. Support for education is an important Danish contribution to the social development of Myanmar and Denmark has supported the development of the education sector in Myanmar since 2007, mainly with focus on formal as well as non-formal basic education. For formal education Danish contributes to the UNICEF –implemented Quality Basic Education Programme (QBEP) through a multi donor trust fund. For non-formal education contribution has been through Myanmar Education Consortium with focus on hard-to-reach children, vulnerable children and out of school children.




Henning Nøhr