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Demokrati og Menneskerettigheder

In 2011, Myanmar initiated a comprehensive reform process aiming to achieve a transition towards a more democratic, market-based and socially equal society. Denmark supports Myanmar’s transition to democracy in a number of areas.

Myanmar is one of Asia’s poorest and least developed countries. It is in transition with great opportunities but also with many challenges. Since independence, the history of the country has been characterized by civil war, military dictatorship and oppression of democratic forces as well as international isolation.

In order to enhance human rights, democracy and good governance, Denmark supports efforts to strengthen local civil society organizations, promote democratic governance in the reform process, improve the transparency and accountability of the government in public financial management and public administration and support media development.

Denmark also provided support to the preparation of Myanmar's national elections held on 8 November 2015 through the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, IFES, and to the Carter Center’s election observation mission in the country.

(Danish Ambassador observing elections in Yangon with

his British colleague on 8 November 2015)